Schutzhund is a challenging 3 part sport (obedience, tracking and protection) which Bodeus and I began when he was 6 months old. We originally found out about Schutzhund because Bodeus had some dogs with Schutzhund titles in his pedigree. So we thought we’d see if he liked it. He certainly seems to have a lot of fun! Bodeus passed his SchHI and II in the Spring of 2003, and achieved his SchHIII in December 2003. This made us eligible for the United Schutzhund Clubs of America SchH3 Club because Bodeus has been Handler Owner Trained (HOT) since he was a puppy. In February 2004, at just under 3 years of age, Bodeus got his IPO3 title. He also achieved his FH with 90 points(SG) in December 2004. So far Schutzhund has been challenging and very enjoyable. Bodeus and I would like to thank our club DFWWorkingDogs and our talented Training Director Randall and his wife Dawn for their hard work and teaching.

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For me, it is interesting to train a dog in a sport where he uses aggression, most dog owners try to avoid aggression at all costs but Schutzhund provides an arena where you can learn about it and how your dog reacts to stressful situations. The dog also learns to control his drives and learns to obey his owner even when he is very excited. This results in a very well-behaved dog. The duration and breadth of training also helps create a very close bond between dog and handler.

People also worry that Schutzhund will make their dog aggressive towards people. Bodeus has never been aggressive towards people to begin with and he still isn't now. In fact, he let strangers in to his yard when they threw him a biscuit! This may not be exactly desirable but people often do stupid things (like enter a yard where there is a german shepherd!) and I'm sure they wouldn't have hesitated to sue me if he had bitten them.

A dogs basic character, socialization and training affects whether he will be aggressive towards people. Bodeus had a huge amount of socialization as a pup and I have never expected or trained him to protect me or my property. Bodeus goes almost everywhere with me and I like him to be a friendly ambassador for his sport.

It is up to each individual to train their dog to behave how they would like. Some dogs are naturally more protective than others. Some dogs are nervous and will bite out of fear, they can be dangerous and require very careful handling. A well bred German Shepherd which has been properly socialized should NEVER fit into that category.

In general, just the presence of a German Shepherd will deter any would-be attackers or thieves.

  • BH - basic obedience and temperament test
  • SchA - obedience and protection only
  • SchI - first level
  • SchII - second level
  • SchIII - top level
  • OB I,II,III - separate obedience titles
  • TR I,II,III - separate tracking titles
  • IPO 1,2,3 - international schutzhund degree (International Prüfungsordnung)
  • FH I,II - advanced tracking titles
  • WH - watch dog title
  • AD - endurance title (for breed-worthiness)

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