Obedience and Other Titles


Down Stay

Figure Eight

CD certificate and ribbons

UD scent discrimination

First UDX leg trophies

Obedience training is the core of all canine sports. It is also a sport in itself. At the higher levels, it is a big challenge for both dog and handler. In AKC events, the first level is CD which includes heeling on and off leash, sit and down stays, a recall and a stand for examination. The dog must get 3 passes or "legs" under different judges in order to gain his title.

The next level is CDX which includes a down on recall, a retrieve on the flat and over a jump, heeling off leash and a broad jump. After this, the dog can move on to the UD which is much more challenging and includes hand signal commands, scent discrimination, directed jumping, directed retrieving, and a longer stand for examination. Again the dog must get three passes. At this point the dog and handler can compete for points and the OTCH. The UDX includes both the CDX and UD exercises and requires ten passes in both the open B and utility B classes.

Each level (CD through UD) is split into novice (A) and open (B) classes. The novice class is for dogs that have not already achieved the title, open is more competitive. At the CD level, the novice is only for handlers that have never titled a dog.

Bodeus achieved his CD in April 2002 and his CDX in February 2003. We started training for Utility during the summer. Then we had a break to complete Bodeus' SchHIII and IPOIII and went back in to the obedience ring in March 2004. Unfortunately we did not achieve any legs - Bode was a little hasty picking up the scented dumbell and chose the wrong ones, the rest of the exercises were pretty good with less than 3 points loss in each place.

In April we trialled in Beaumont, the first day was not so good (Bode was affected by my nerves), but we were successful in both the scent discrimination exercises on the second day, however, we had a problem with the directed retrieve this time! Utility is tough! Two more tries in Oklahoma, just a problem with the final directed jump. In July at the Reliant Park World Series Dog Show in Houston, we trialled three days and achieved 2 legs! There were 11 dogs in the class and only 2 passed each day. Bodeus got a respectable 189 points on the second day. He was 2 years younger than any of the other competitors. In Longview on July 25th 2004, Bode achieved that elusive final leg of the UD!!

Bodeus passed 2 UDX legs before we left the US.

Other titles include:

CGC - Canine Good Citizen, a test of basic obedience and an amenable temperament.

TT - Temperament Test, a test of good nerves and sociability, the American Temperament Test Society and various breed clubs hold these tests. The GSDCA uses the TC title for their test.

TD, TDX and VST - AKC tracking titles.

VCD1 - Versatile Companion Dog, awarded to dogs with obedience, agility and tracking titles, CD, TD, NA and NAJ. There are levels up to VCD4 which requires UDX, MX, MXJ, VST titles

AKC Obedience Titles:
  • CD - companion dog
  • CDX - companion dog excellent
  • UD - utility dog
  • UDX - utility dog excellent
  • OTCH- obedience trial champion, achieved by gaining points in competition

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