"Walk It"

Agility is a fun sport which is growing in popularity. It is much more complicated than it looks! Many dogs enjoy the speed and relative freedom of the sport and are far more focused in the agility ring than when doing obedience work.

Bodeus began doing dog walks and A-frames while still a puppy, at 4 months old, he saw another dog go over an A-frame and was squeaking with excitement to try it himself! We began our formal introduction to the sport in the summer of 2002 after Bode's first birthday and learned most of the obstacles and began to chain them together. We made some obstacles for our yard, a tire, see-saw, weaves and some jumps. After a successful show-n-go and a couple of classes, we thought we'd try novice Competition. We entered the Novice Standard 24" at the Reliant Park Dog show in July 2005, and achieved our NA in three consecutive attempts with a 3rd and two 1st places. On our second day we got 100/100 with 56.94 seconds over 140 yards with 15 obstacles.

AKC Titles:
  • NA - novice agility
  • NAJ - novice (jumpers with weaves)
  • OA - open agilty
  • OAJ - open (jumpers with weaves)
  • AX- advanced agilty
  • AXJ - advanced (jumpers with weaves)
  • MX - master agilty excellent
  • MXJ - master excellent (jumpers with weaves)

Useful training books: